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book of thomas pdf

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If a PDF isn’t tagged, Acrobat may analyze the document and attempt to infer its structure and reading orderThis process can take a long time for a long document

book of thomas pdf

Consider setting Acrobat to deliver only the currently visible page so that it analyzes only a small piece of the document at a timeThis consideration varies depending on the size and complexity of the document and on the features of the screen readerWhen Acrobat delivers information to a screen reader, screen magnifier, or other assistive software, it loads information into a memory buffer that is directly available to the assistive software

book of thomas pdf

The amount of information that is delivered to the memory buffer can affect how long Acrobat takes to perform tasks, such as opening the document, advancing to the next page, changing views, and carrying out commandsOnly Read The Currently Visible Pages This option is usually best when you use a screen magnifier

book of thomas pdf

It improves performance by eliminating the need for the software to process parts of the document that aren’t visible

When Acrobat sends only the currently visible pages of a PDF to the memory buffer, the assistive technology has access to those pages onlyIn the Open dialog box, select one or more filenames, and click Open

PDF documents usually have the extensionpdf

Note: If more than one document is open, you can switch between documents by choosing the document name from the Window menuOpen a PDF from the desktop or within another application Do one of the following: To open a PDF attached to an email message, open the message and double-click the PDF icon

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