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how to make a webpage a pdf

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0 or later), Google Chrome, and Firefox

) Speeds up zooming, scrolling, and redrawing of page content, and speeds the rendering and manipulation of 2D PDF contentThis option is selected by default

how to make a webpage a pdf

Note: If this option isn't available in the Page Display preferences, you may have to update your GPU card driver to enable this hardware featureContact your card vendor or computer manufacturer for an updated driverPage Content And Information Show Large Images: Displays large images

how to make a webpage a pdf

If your system is slow to display image-intensive pages, deselect this optionUse Smooth Zooming (Windows only): When deselected, turns off animation effects, which improves performance

how to make a webpage a pdf

Show Art, Trim, & Bleed Boxes: Displays any art, trim, or bleed boxes defined for a document

Show Transparency Grid: Displays the grid behind transparent objectsThese files require you to identify an additional media player with which to run the multimedia

Open the Preferences dialog box, and then select Multimedia (Legacy) from the left side of the dialog boxPlayer Options Choose the format in which you want to run legacy media content: QuickTime, Windows Media, or Windows built-in player

Accessibility Options Specify if you want special features (if available) to appear when media plays, such as subtitles and dubbed audioSpecify the preferred language for the media, in case multiple languages are available

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