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eat to beat disease food list pdf

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Scrolling vertically also scrolls the pane to the left or right of that pane

The layers that appear in the PDF are based on the layers created in the original applicationUse the Layers panel to examine layers and show or hide the content associated with each layer

eat to beat disease food list pdf

Items on locked layers cannot be hiddenSome layers may be organized into nested groups with a parent layerOther layers may be in groups with no parent layer

eat to beat disease food list pdf

Note: A lock icon in the Layers panel indicates that a layer is for information onlyLocked layers can be created from AutoCAD and Visio files

eat to beat disease food list pdf

In Acrobat Standard, the visibility of a locked layer cannot be changed

In Acrobat Pro, use the Layer Properties dialog box to change the visibility of a locked layerYou can shift the view to show other areas of the page without changing the magnification level

Do either of the following: Use the vertical scroll bars to move up and down the pages or the horizontal scroll bars to move across the pageSelect the Hand tool in the Common Tools toolbar and drag to move the page, as if moving a piece of paper on a table

Set the page layout and orientation Changing the page layout is especially useful when you want to zoom out to get an overview of the document layoutChoose View > Page Display, and select any of the following page layouts: Single Page View Displays one page at a time, with no portion on other pages visible

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